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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

 Dr. Steve DelCastillo has spent the last twenty years involved in several leadership roles, including:

  • Professional Leadership Experience
  • University faculty member conducting leadership development research
  • Senior Program & Research Associate with the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Director of research and development for a national youth organization
  • Executive with a major health care organization
  • Designed and delivered several types of leadership development programs for business, government, non-profit, and community-based organizations
  • Leadership Development Experience

Dr. DelCastillo has several years of experience facilitating leadership development programs with participants that have included:

  • Executives from various sectors, including Fortune 500 companies (director level and above); military personnel (Brigadier General and above), etc.
  • Community leaders trained to assume leadership roles in their respective communities
  • Health care leaders responsible for leading health care organizations providing care for culturally diverse populations


  • Paper on culturally competent leadership entitled “An Historical Development of the Principle of Equal Opportunity: From Implementing Affirmative Action to Becoming Culturally Competent” (1992)
  • Cultural Competence Assessment Index (CCAI) designed to measure the perceived cultural competence of individuals and organizations (2005)
  • Leading the Diverse Organization: Developing the Culturally Competent Leader (book in progress–expected release 12/2011)