Vicarious has a well defined purpose:

To help YOU apply the teachings to YOUR LIFE.

Here's the toolset, and how to use it for maximum benefit.

Note: There are lots of interactive elements on this site, designed to help you learn more by being personally involved with the content.

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NOTE ! The following features are available to Registered Members.

audioDramatic Audio Clips

appear throughout the site in various places, just use the buttons to Play or Pause the recording. Material that you learn by listening makes a different impression on your awareness than other types of media, and helps you to gain a more complete understanding.

Remember to listen to each of the audio clips several times to gain the full teaching effect.

Here is an actual sound file, so that you can practice playing and stopping the audio stream:

mapInteractive Map

is used to help you get a good picture in your head of how far apart the Cities are, where they are in relation to one another, and how the circumstances of the lessons are connected to where they happened.

Click on the map markers to see more information about each place, and hear an Audio Clip that happened in that City. Use the controls on the map to change the map type, so you can learn more about where these places are, and how they fit into the ancient and modern landscape and cultures.

Zoom with your mouse wheel, or the on screen controls   (  -  /  +  )

Turn the various map layers on and off, to add and remove details.

If you lose control of the map, just refresh your browser (Reload the page) to reset everything to defaults.

Link to Interactive Map page.

timelineTimeline of Events

helps you to learn the sequence of the Teachings, and why the order in which they occurred is inportant.

Drag the lower timeline band back and forth with your mouse, or use the black arrows, then click the events to hear an audio clip and get more details, or use the timeline + and - to change the scale of time.

Link to Interactive Timeline page.

city pageCity Pages with Lessons

have in-depth historical information about the location, and how that affected the events that occurred there. The format is: The Lesson Title, the audio recording, Explanatory Notes, and the teaching points for the lesson. 

The bold, centered text with the blue background is Your Lesson, and gives you the pertinent introspective questions that help you to embrace the teachings for use in your life.

These lessons are numbered within each city page. Example: Lesson #5 in Perga is:  

5. How have you helped other believers whose faith was being tested?

Use these pages to study the Teachings within their own cultural, circumstancial, and geogaphic context.

ancient button 02


Click For Cities Page 

Your Personal Journal Notes

Once you are logged in (Registration is FREE !) you can create and edit your own personal Journal Notes.


As you follow the Journey of the Apostle Paul to each different location, and experience the teachings, we know that you will want to record your personal impressions and thoughts.

The Journal Notes feature of The Vicarious Project allows you to do just that.

No one else can see your Journal Notes, they are you only visible to you when you are logged in to your Registered membership Account.

They appear on each page that has the Teachings, so that you can find them in their proper context.

When you click "Add a New Note" this entry form pops up, to let you enter a Title and your Notes.

notes 001You can resize the entry form by grabbing this bottom corner marker with your mouse, as shown here:


And then it will look like this, to make it easier for you to see your entire note:

notes 002

 (The only reason that it starts out small is to make it easier if you are using a handheld device like Iphone or Android)


You can also use the Journal Menu item to browse through a list of all of your Journal Notes.

notes 003

On this listing, the URL of each page that your made notes in is shown, so that you can go directly to that page to see your notes in context.